Monday, August 8, 2022

Irrigation | Long awaited Agri Tarrif 4

  It was on September 22, 2021, I applied for agricultural electricity connection through Tatkal scheme (a self financed scheme to avail electricity as quickly as 3 months). But in reality, I just got this availed on August 02, 2022 (yesterday). It’s a long 11 month wait. 3 poles erected from the existing pole. It feels I have crossed a big hurdle in my passion for growing my food forest. It was on May, 2020 I got this land registered and it took me 2 years and 3 months to get to this point. And now, it’s the installation of new motor that is pending. Only after the installation, I’ll come to know how much water can I get from the borewell. For this 1.6 acre land, if the motor could discharge water for an hour a day, it will be more than sufficient to fulfil my requirements. It might take another weeks time to get the installation and other related things done. And it’s going to be the start of retreat monsoon here. Only after the monsoon is over, I could start plantation seriously. Until then, it’s a good time to start with border crops and cover crop. Hoping to get things streamlined within another 6 months. Only then will start posting photos since purchase, preparation and vegetation on this land. Anxiety knocking again. Trying to keeping it under control and move slow and steady.

Update: Today, 7 August, 2022. Borewell is now functional after 2 years wait. I have spent almost ~₹6,00000 for expenses including borewell digging, Electricity Tatkal application charges, Motor, starter, pipes and fittings and labour. Expenses on drip irrigation, water tank and labour will be anywhere between ₹50,000 and ₹2,00000 depending on the choices we make.