Saturday, September 18, 2021

Is farmland an Asset or a Liability?

In the investors and wealth builders perspective, farm land is always considered a liability. It means, farmland doesn’t earn you profits. This is the case not only in India but seems to be the case for many farmers in developed countries as well. It only creates expenses. Of course, in the way it’s done. But considering “Health is Wealth”, a small organic farmland to grow your own food is the most important asset that helps grow your primary wealth, “Health”. When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost.

It was my desire to build this wealth ever since I was waiting for my Kid’s arrival into this world. I wanted to present him with a tiny little forest on his arrival. He is Turing 4 this week. I was able to acquire (yes, I believe acquire is the right term, naturally land doesn’t belong to anyone) a piece of bare land a year earlier. “Better late than never”. I’m eagerly waiting to get the primary things like water and electricity ready to start the process. Yes, it is time consuming to get electricity connection for the farmlands here. I hope to get things ready in a month or two and hope to save a dozen coconut trees that already exists on this land.

Here I like to quote Bharathiar’s poem “காணி நிலம் வேண்டும் - பராசக்தி